Media coverage of the controversy on the 21st Century Cures Act

Below is a selection of articles discussing the controversial 21st Century Cures Act:

"The device industry may stand to benefit from this legislation, but the health of the public does not." - Health News Review
“[T]he bill is full of stealth provisions that could actually put sick people in harm’s way” – Washington Post
“You have to know those biomarkers are reliable before you can take a chance on a human life,” - New York Times
“[T]he regulatory standards included in this legislation would pose a grave threat to the government oversight process.” Modern Healthcare
“Because anecdotes can be cherry-picked and unrepresentative, they don't give a good overview of the actual impact of a medication.” -
"Patients and physicians would not benefit from legislation that instead of catapulting us into the future, could actually bring back some of the problems we thought we had left behind in the 20th century." - New England Journal of Medicine
"Protecting American families is our government’s first duty. I voted against Twenty First Century Cures because I am not prepared to see that duty compromised any further." - New Haven Register
"The proposed law would enable medical products to be sold on the basis of preliminary studies, turning patients into unwitting guinea pigs while making them pay for the privilege." - Milbank Quarterly
"Lowering standards for safety and efficacy will not speed up innovation--and instead threatens to lower the quality of treatments that come to market." - Huffington Post


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