Spanish Language Website on Breast Implants

Washington, DC — The National Research Center for Health Research announces the launch of a Spanish language Web site focused on breast implants. The site was developed to better serve America’s growing Latino community, and the many women in South and Central America who are considering plastic surgery. The web site address is, which is Spanish for the colloquial term for breast implants.

The site includes details of surgery risks and an online hotline for Latina women and girls to e-mail questions.  The site has unbiased information about what women need to know before deciding whether to get breast implants, answering frequently asked questions such as: What complications should I expect? How long do breast implants last? How much do breast implants cost after the initial surgery? Do breast implants cause cancer?

Dr. Diana Zuckerman, President of NCHR, said the Web site was launched because, “We are hearing from increasing number of Spanish-speaking teenagers, women, and their family members who have questions about breast implants. Some of them are considering surgery, while others already have implants but have questions about symptoms or safety. Unfortunately, most information about implants in Spanish on the web is a sales pitch, and the women can’t find the information they need. This Web site gives the most accurate and up-to-date information so women who speak Spanish can make informed decisions about their health and safety.”

The site answers frequently asked questions, such as:

  • I am a teenager thinking about getting breast augmentation. What can you tell me to help me decide?
  • Should I get silicone or saline implants? Is there a price difference?
  • I have new breast implants, and they don’t look exactly how I expected. What happened?
  • I am wondering if some of my health problems are caused by my breast implants.
  • My silicone gel breast implant may be leaking. How do I find out if it is leaking, and what should I do if it is?
  • Is it safe to breastfeed with breast implants?
  • I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. What are my options so that I can still have breasts?

Most of the same information is also available in Spanish on NCHR’s English language Web site on the same topic,, but is difficult to find if an individual does not speak English.

The National Center for Health Research is a nonprofit research and education organization focused on health and safety issues. Its main Web site,, includes information on a wide range of health issues. “We are dedicated to improving the health and safety of women, children, and families” explains Communications Director, Hydi Miller. “We scrutinize the latest research, and explain it clearly to make it useful to you. Nobody owns us, and unlike many “experts,” we never take funding from companies whose medical products or treatments we evaluate.”