Hormone therapy and menopause

In recent years, many women have stopped taking hormone replacement therapy because of growing evidence that the risks outweigh the benefits for most women. However, millions still struggle with the decision: should I go on, should I stay on, or should I go off? A closer look at the questionable need for hormone therapy, and it’s risks and benefits. Continue reading

Which medications, tests, and treatments should you really get? Recommendations for “Choosing Wisely”

When it comes to our health we often want to know as much as possible. But sometimes there is just too much information on what to do to stay healthy. Continue reading

Human growth hormone: youth in a bottle?

You may have seen the ads claiming that you can regain lost youth, remove wrinkles and cellulite, lose weight, and build lean muscle without exercise. According to the advertisements, you would think that human growth hormone pills or oral sprays offer the fountain of youth in a bottle. But according to scientists, you might be disappointed with the results you get from over-the-counter human growth hormone products (HGH). In fact, you might even be endangering your life. Continue reading