Infants, Children, & Teens

Should your children take medication for a cold? Are some popular children’s sports more dangerous than you think? Are children reaching puberty earlier than ever before, and if so, why? Why is breastfeeding important? If my children have no health insurance, might I be able to get low-cost insurance for them? The National Center for Health Research makes this information available and understandable.

We scrutinize the latest research and cut through the hype. We keep information from studies and reports up on our website as long as they are accurate and useful. Sometimes the best studies are a few years old.

Keeping your child safe and healthy partly depends on keeping them away from harmful habits and behaviors, including smoking, alcohol, violence, and sexual activities that can harm them. For more information on those topics, go to the Smoking, Drinking, Violence and Other Risky Behavior section of this web site.

To the right are links to information that you can use to keep your children healthy, in alphabetical order.

For information about how to help your children so that they won’t get cancer as adults, see the prevention section of our Cancer Prevention & Treatment web site at