Letter to FDA Regarding Advisory Committee Panel on Reclassification of CPR Devices

November 5, 2013. We are writing to express our strong concerns about the September 11, 2013 FDA meeting of the Advisory Committee for Circulatory System Devices. This Advisory Committee meeting discussed and made recommendations regarding the proposed down-classification of External Cardiac Compressor (ECC) devices. The panel members were asked to consider the FDA recommendation that ECC devices be reclassified from Class III (high risk) to Class II (moderate risk) with special controls. Continue reading

Coalition Letter to House Leaders in Opposition to Piecemeal Funding of FDA

October 4, 2013. We are writing as public health, patient, consumer, and scientific nonprofit organizations to oppose H.J. Res 77 and any other efforts to single out the Food and Drug Administration for funding.  Our organizations represent millions of patients, consumers, health professionals, and scientists who strongly support the work of the FDA and urge Congress to provide the level of appropriations the agency needs throughout FY 2014. Continue reading

Coalition Letter to Senator Harry Reid supporting Affordable Care Act and opposing repeal of excise tax on medical devices

September 26, 2013. As members of the Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition, we strongly support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and oppose efforts to undermine this essential program that will benefit millions of Americans. In the upcoming negotiations over the budget and debt ceiling, we urge you to reject the repeal of the 2.3% excise tax on medical devices. Continue reading

Letter to the CA Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair in Support of Improved Flammability Standards for Furniture

September 3, 2013. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public health, the National Research Center for Women & Families strongly supports the proposed revisions of California’s flammability standards for upholstered furniture and other products. Continue reading

Letter to Congressman Markey in Support of VALID Act About Compounding Pharmacies

May 22, 2103. As members of the Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition, we strongly support the Verifying Authority and Legality in Drug (VALID) Compounding Act of 2013. This bill would significantly strengthen FDA oversight of compounding pharmacies and help ensure patients get safe and effective life-saving medical products. Continue reading