Abortion clinics vs. cosmetic surgery centers: which are safer for women?

The Supreme Court is trying to decide if regulating most abortion clinics out of existence places an undue burden on women’s access to safe and legal medical care. If legislators really want to protect women’s health, I want them to know that they can protect many more women, including many of their friends and loved ones, from far more dangerous medical procedures. Continue reading

Ebola Outbreak: A Teachable Moment for Scientists

AAAS, August 2014. The media frenzy surrounding the Ebola crisis in West Africa shows that many journalists don’t understand that an experimental drug is just that – a scientific experiment. It is not a “breakthrough” drug or a “cutting-edge treatment” or a prize to be envied, unless or until it is proven to be safer and more effective than nothing. Continue reading

Angelina Jolie’s decision

Huffington Post. 16 May 2013. Dr. Diana Zuckerman writes, “Let’s use Angelina Jolie’s announcement to have a frank discussion of the treatment choices for breast cancer and to encourage women to make decisions based on their own situations not on the choice of a celebrity, however admirable she is.” Continue reading

What the Health Care Decision Means to Us

Huffington Post, July 3, 2012. The term “Obamacare” began as an insult, but now it’s the name almost everyone uses to describe the healthcare reform law. Earlier this year, some of Mitt Romney’s critics called it RomneyCare, because it was, after all, a descendent of the healthcare program that Mitt Romney developed for Massachusetts. (An excellent program that Romney now says he opposes.) Continue reading