Adult Health & Medical Care

The National Center for Health Research reviews important new research so that we can help you make important medical decisions, and help you know what questions to ask your doctors.

The results of new studies are sometimes so complicated that even the experts are not sure what treatment is best for which women and which men. New medical products and treatments are widely advertised and promoted, but that doesn’t mean they are a good choice for you.

We cut through the hype. We scrutinize new research, and call the researchers to learn even more. Then we translate it into plain language that everyone can understand.

To the right are links to information about different types of medical issues for adults, in alphabetical order.

If you’re looking for more detailed information about cancer, go to our Cancer Prevention and Treatment web site at Prevention information on a wide range of health topics is available in the Healthy Living and Prevention section of this web site. Information about children’s health is in the Infant, Children, and Teens section of this web site. Information about the impact of violence and risky behaviors such as smoking, alcohol and drug use, and unprotected sex is in the Smoking, Drinking, Violence, and Other Risky Behavior section of this web site.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on any health topic, contact us through our online health helpline at We’ll try to get the information you need within a few days.