Drinking, Smoking, Violence & Other Risky Behavior

Being healthy isn’t just avoiding diseases. Avoiding risky habits and behaviors is often equally important. The National Center for Health Research reviews the latest research on the impact of smoking, excessive alcohol use, and drug abuse, and how to avoid those risks.

Violence in homes and communities can also ruin people’s lives, and research can provide strategies to keep all your family members safe. Could your daughter be harmed by her boyfriend? Do violent TV programs influence your children despite living in a happy home and safe neighborhood? What’s the best way to keep kids safe?

We scrutinize the latest research and cut through the hype. We keep information from studies and reports up on our website as long as they are accurate and useful. Sometimes the best studies are a few years old.

Although sports and overeating also have risks, those topics are included in other sections of this web site.

To the right are links to information that you can use to keep your children safer, in alphabetical order.

For information about how to help your children so that they won’t get cancer as adults, see the prevention section of our Cancer Prevention & Treatment web site at www.stopcancerfund.org