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Our staff provide useful information on a wide range of health topics for major media, including newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and web sites.

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Dr. Zuckerman blogs on the safety of medical devices and other products that permeate our every day life.

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A primary goal of The National Center for Health Research is to provide objective, reliable research and information to the media. As we collect and analyze scientific data on the health and safety of adults and children, we share our findings with media organizations through press statements and interviews. You can find these statements and press updates posted to our website as they are released. We encourage members of the media to sign up to receive our press releases via email by emailing us with your name, media affiliation and contact information below.

A sample of published articles quoting our work and views, letters to the editor, press releases, and medical journal articles can be found in these subsections listed above and to the right. But, additional useful information are in the sections of the web site that include research-based articles on specific topics listed to the right and the public policy section listed above.

Please contact Amelia Murphy at 202-223-4000 or with your inquiries. Ms. Murphy can assist you with scheduling interviews with our Center’s president, Dr. Diana Zuckerman, and other experts on our staff.