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The National Center for Health Research analyzes and explains the latest research-based information that patients, policy makers, and the public can use to improve their own health and to develop better health programs and policies. The U.S. has the most expensive healthcare in the world, but we don’t live as long as men and women in Europe, Australia, or Canada.

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Amid flurry of new cancer drugs, how many offer real benefits? For every cancer patient who wins the lottery, there are many others who get little to no benefit from the latest drugs. Continue reading
Trump’s Proposed Changes Gut FDA While Targeting Drug Prices Trump met with some of the world’s biggest Big Pharma executives Tuesday of this week. His message was pretty clear: lower drug prices, bring jobs back to the U.S., and he’ll gut the already weakened FDA… Continue reading
Trump vows to ease rules for drug makers, but again zeros in on prices President Trump explains to top drug company executives that he plans on streamlining the drug approval process. Diana Zuckerman, NCHR President, voices concerns about flooding the market with more drugs that don’t work. Continue reading
Trump calls for lower drug prices, fewer regulations in meeting with pharmaceutical executives Diana Zuckerman, NCHR President, comments on how the FDA and high drug prices could be negatively affected by the hiring freeze, despite President Donald Trump emphasizing the need for lowering “astronomical” drug prices to pharmaceutical executives. Continue reading
ACA repeal talk sparks fears among those with pre-existing conditions The possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act reintroduces a fear among people with pre-existing conditions of maintaining health insurance. Continue reading


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URGENT: Contact your Member of Congress Now!

Do you think that health insurance companies should be able to refuse coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease, or complications from a defective implant?  That is what will happen if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act without replacing it with something at least as good.  If you want the Affordable Care Act to stay in place until it is replaced, please take 5 minutes to make this call.

What You Need To Know

New Study Explains Why So Many Cancer Drugs Don’t Work

Why do so many cancer patients take medications that drain their energy and joy of living but don’t benefit them? The answer: since 2008, FDA has not required new cancer drugs to prove they help patients live longer. After the drugs were approved, 18 were found to not extend patients’ lives at all, and only one of the drugs is proven to improve patients’ quality of life. But these ineffective cancer drugs cost just as much.

Letters to Annie

Find out about our #LetterstoAnnie project. What killed Annie, a healthy young woman? How can you protect yourself or your daughter? We will unravel the mystery through letters from Annie’s mom to her daughterwww.letterstoannie.org

Some Contraceptives Are Safer Than Others 

If you or a loved one have been harmed by a birth control pill or implant, click here.

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